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Musical Dictation

Разработчик Vicente Pastor Mateo
1.08 usd

Musical Dictation generates musical dictations up to 24 notes, with musical notation, based on the settings selected by the user.Its simple interface is shown as staffs and musical notes, along with an audio player with Play, Pause and Stop controls to listen, pause, and stop the dictation.The operation is very easy. When you open the app or create a new dictation, the staff appears with all the notes, being the same fixed pitch, as selected in Settings/Tone. Now it’s your task to place them in the right pitch. The number of notes contained by the dictation is adjusted in Setting/Number of notes.Pressing the Play button, you listen to the dictation. You can move each note to its tonal staff position by dragging it vertically with your finger. You can listen, pause or stop the dictation’s melody and make the necessary corrections whenever you want . Once satisfied with the result, pressing the Done button, successes and errors are displayed.Thanks to the intervals selection, you can start with simpler dictations (semitone, tone, etc.) and gradually increase the complexity with greater melodic jumps between notes. The main screen has three buttons:- New. It generates a new musical dictation.- Done. It evaluates the dictation, showing successful and failed notes.- Settings: It opens the Settings screen.In the settings screen you can customize:- Tone: Dictation’s base note.- Number of Notes: From 2 to 24- Tempo- Intervals: You can select the intervals you want to appear in the dictation. From a semitone to an octave.
This first version of Musical Dictation works only with crotched notes. Rhythmic dictation with semibreve, minim, quave, and semiquaver will be added in next updates.